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Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic or persistent pain? Does it feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works? Chronic pain is a complex problem that leaves many feeling lost and hopeless. With specific training in the treatment of chronic pain and use of evidenced- based treatment methods, I will help you regain power and control over your mind and body just as I have hundreds of others.

Trauma / PTSD

Have you experienced an event that feels like it will never leave you? Do you experience nightmares, flashbacks, or disturbing emotions. If you’ve been having distressing experiences you may be suffering from the effects of trauma. Therapy offers a safe and supportive way to overcome the events of your past, while gaining a sense of empowerment toward your future.


Are you suffering from ongoing substance use? Have you tried to cut down or stop and are unable to do so? Addiction is a complex problem that requires professional help. Over the last decade I have helped hundreds of people recover from addictive disorders and learn how to live a life free of substances. I would be honored to help you find your freedom from addiction.

Hold On Pain Ends


Hope (n) an optimistic state of mind

Hope (v) to cherish a desire with anticipation

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Evolve Therapy, PLLC was founded with you in mind. We take a mind body approach to overcoming physical or emotional pain as we believe the mind body connection is the key to recovery.

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